Frequently Asked Questions:

How many teams will there be at my sons age group?

Kards will always plans to field at least one team per age group. If the Kards decide there is enough quality talent at an age group they may then do a second team. The goal is to make the first team as talented as possible before moving on to a second.

Is there a possibility that there will not be a team at my sons age group?

Our goal is to always have one team at every age group into the future. However, we are still developing ourselves as an organization. There is a possibility that the Kards will not have a team at your sons age group depending on the season. Many of our players at the younger age groups are multiple sport athletes and we may have a more difficulty filling teams during certain periods. Also, we will not hold a team if we feel there isnt enough quality talent at that age group for tryouts. 

Does my son have to tryout?

Tryouts are a requirement at the 13-15U age groups. All players must go through the tryout process at those age groups in order to be placed on a team. Players can attend a formal tryout or schedule a make up workout with staff. Tryouts at the 16-18U age groups are NOT a requirement but highly recommended if we don't know who you are. Often times, Tryouts for the HS age groups are done through tryouts, individual or small workouts.. 

Do all players make the team?

Unfortunately, No- all players will not make the team. Players tryout and we select the players that best fit our program. Some players may be invited to be practice players or substitute players. 

How much are tryouts? 

Tryouts prices vary from season to season and space requirements. We will usually post how much tryouts are on individual registration pages.

How many players are on a team?

The number of players on a team will vary from age group to age group. Generally, from 13-14U we try to keep it around 12-13 players. From 15-18U, we will usually have 12 specific position players as well as add more pitching depth. We have had HS teams at 16+ players before (12 position players & 4 Pitchers).

How many tournaments will we be playing?

The number of tournaments will vary depending on the season and team. See individual team pages for that answer. 

Will there be traveling?

Yes, age groups will be traveling at one time or another. Our younger age groups don't travel as much as the older kids. Our older players will travel quite a bit but we try our best to only travel when we need to or go to the events with high exposure. 

How much do the Teams cost?

The cost of our teams varies per age group and season. Please, see individual team program pages. Payment plans are available for everyone. Payments usually start before the season begins and ends before the first month of the season is over in order to ensure all of the expenses are paid for. 

Are all tournaments required? 

The Kards understand if you cannot make a tournament but they need to know before the season begins. We expect our players to play in every event unless they have good reasons. We see this as no different than a HS team- more important in most cases.

Are hotels included?

Hotels are not included but we can group players together that are traveling alone to make costs cheaper. Players would just split the bill.  Room blocks will be created for most tournaments where families can book. Some events its just way easier to do it on your own.

Are uniforms included?

Uniforms are included. Typically, players will receive two jerseys, a hat, and helmet. Pants, belt and socks will be up to the players to purchase. We will also run an apparel store so our players can order additional items if they would like.  

How is communication handled?

Important items like schedules, itineraries, etc. will be sent out through email to players and parents. We expect players to be doing most of the communication at the HS levels. Groups texts and twitter will also be used to alert players of certain items.